Engagement is the lifeblood of any thriving community. supercharges that engagement by breaking down barriers and creating a direct line of communication between communities.

Stay connected, stay engaged, and let the synergy of united communities drive you forward with

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Seamless Community Communication

Customizable and Secure Connections

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What is a Tunnel?

Imagine a virtual conversation relay that seamlessly bridges the gap between Discord servers. That's what our Tunnel is all about! It's a powerful tool that enables a single Discord server to create a private or public connection. By sharing its unique code, other servers can easily link their own channels to the Tunnel.

How does it work?

Once the connection is established, magic happens! All chat messages sent in either server's channels are instantly and automatically relayed back and forth between them. It's like having a real-time collaboration between communities, enhancing communication and fostering stronger bonds.

Tunnels Commands

The power is in your hands to connect and grow. Using these simple server commands the possibilities are endless.

/tunnel create

Create a new tunnel for this discord channel

/tunnel view

Display the tunnel code of your current tunnel

/tunnel link [tunnel_code]

Link your current discord channel conversation

/tunnel close

Close the connected tunnel to this channel

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Elevate Your Community,
Ignite Global Engagement

As a server owner, your greatest asset is your community — a vibrant tapestry of voices, ideas, and experiences. The responsibility of nurturing this community, of ensuring its growth and vitality, can feel immense. That's where comes into play. We offer more than a means of communication; we offer the chance to be a part of something bigger.

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Features & Roadmap

Showcasing our current list of supported features, outlining which features are not supported programmatically, and of course what's to come!

Cross server chat in Discord allows for easy cross-server chat within Discord, making it simple for members from different servers to communicate without leaving their own space. Ideal for gamers to stay connected across communities.

Just link your servers with a code and start chatting instantly. It's a simple, effective way to bring communities together, enhancing collaboration and fun across the Discord ecosystem.